5 Reasons to Choose Roller Blinds

Whether you’re redecorating an entire room or you’re looking to refresh the area around your windows, a roller blind is a great way to offer a stylish and sleek aesthetic as well as providing many other benefits.

At Fineline Upholstery in London, we have been creating made to measure roller blinds for many years, providing customers with bespoke blinds to suit their personal style and preferences.

If you’re unsure whether a roller blind is for you, check out these reasons as to why our home interior specialists are big fans, and how a made to measure roller blind could offer a variety of benefits beyond its aesthetic appeal.


Compact and Space Saving

Perhaps you live in a smaller apartment and draping curtains are too bulky and will take up too much space with the billowing fabric.

On the other hand, our made to measure roller blinds are designed to be slimline, fitting perfectly into your window space and sit flat by the glazing when it is rolled down, taking up no extra space.


Various Light-Blocking Options

With a range of fabrics on offer from our curtains and blinds workshop in London, we are able to design and manufacture your made to measure blinds out of a fabric that’s thickness will suit your light-blocking needs perfectly.

Whether you have a north-facing or south-facing window, you may wish to allow for a glow of sunlight to shine through or to have heavier, complete blackout blinds. Both have their benefits, so we can tailor our service to suit your preferences.


Endless Colours and Pattern Options

Because we offer a made to measure service, we can create you a roller blind that will not only perfectly fit within your window, but also reflect the interior design and personality of the room you’re working on.

Whether you choose something bright and colourful or more neutral and understated, our range of patterns and fabrics means your made to measure blinds can be truly unique to your home.


Increased Privacy

Our roller blinds are excellent solutions for bathroom windows, as well as apartments in busier, urban areas due to their ability to completely block out as much of your apartment’s visibility as you like.

They can be adjusted quickly and easily, making it a great option if you value lots of sunlight but also enjoy greater privacy.


Made to Fit Your Space

Of course, one of the main benefits of our made to measure roller blinds service in London is that they are manufactured to fit your unique window space perfectly.

It can be frustrating shopping around for the correctly-sized blinds that also come in a colour or pattern that you like. This is why when you choose to create a bespoke roller blind, you can be safe in the knowledge that they will suit your style, but most importantly, slot neatly into your window recess.


For Made to Measure Roller Blinds in London, Call Fineline Upholstery

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