Why Choose Upcycled Furniture for Your Home?

Perhaps you’re thinking about replacing a piece of outdated furniture but nothing on the high street is bringing you joy as a piece of furniture should.

At Fineline Upholstery, we believe that one of the best ways to add charm and personality into your home is with upcycled furniture. As well as our London upholstery services, we have a variety of furniture items that have been sold to us by people who no longer want them in order for our talented team to give the items a new lease of life.

Our London upholsterers have transformed many pieces of old, unwanted pieces of furniture, ready to resell give them a new home.

If you’re on the hunt for new furniture for your home, here are a few reasons you should consider buying upcycled pieces.

You can check out Fineline Upholstery’s upcycled furniture for sale here.


Truly Unique Items

When you choose upcycled upholstered furniture, you are more than likely going to be the only person in the world with that piece of furniture in their home.

If you’re bored of seeing the same styles and colours in high street furniture stores, upholstery is a great way to inject personality into any room.

With a full variety of fabrics and textures available, there is no limit to what can be created when you upcycle. Our London upholsterers have a variety of styles available from our For Sale section.


Good for the Planet

When you choose a repurposed item of furniture, that is one less item that will end up in landfill.

Upcycling and upholstery are great ways to give tired, unloved furniture that is a little past its best a complete makeover, transforming it into a totally new item, fit for a new home.

Whether you choose an upcycled antique, or an outdated item with fresh upholstery, you can feel great peace of mind that you are doing your little bit to help the environment.


Often Cheaper than Buying New

It is an added bonus that when you choose upcycled upholstered furniture that you are likely to make a financial saving.

New furniture can be extremely expensive, particularly if you are looking for something one-of-a-kind.

Choosing an upcycled piece from our London upholsterers will save you money whilst still offering the same quality and aesthetic appeal and an often overpriced new item.


Check Out Our Upholstered Furniture For Sale

If we’ve persuaded you that choosing upcycled furniture is the best solution for your home, don’t hesitate to check out our latest creations over on our For Sale page.

These items are one of a kind, so if you see something you like, be sure to get in touch to express your interest!

To find out more, or to sell us a piece of unwanted furniture to upcycle, contact Fineline Upholstery in London today on 020 7371 7073, send an email to info@finelineupholstery.co.uk, or leave a message using our online contact form.