Top 3 Curtain Trends for 2021

If you’re thinking about getting brand new curtains as we welcome 2021, you may be interested to know some of the styles, colours and textures that are looking to be super popular in the next year.

Our team at Fineline Upholstery in London are passionate about all things interior design, from reupholstering furniture through to creating bespoke, made to measure curtains.

If you choose us to create your made to measure curtains but are in need of a little inspiration for what type of curtains to go with, check out our top 3 curtain trends for 2021 to help make the decision a little easier.

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Transparent and Sheer

If your room has a north-facing window, your room won’t have a lot of direct sunlight meaning you may want to maximise the amount of sunlight that can enter.

Alternatively, you might have a south-facing window and have too much sunlight shining through your room and are looking for a way to block it ever so slightly without shutting it our altogether.

A transparent sheer curtain is a great solution to both of these scenarios. Our made to measure curtains service in London can offer bespoke curtains to suit your room’s windows perfectly – whether you have a full wall of glazing or a singular window, a sheer curtain will also complement a multitude of interior designs, offering the sense of spaciousness, cleanliness with lots of light flow.


Light Blocking

Conversely, another trend for curtains in 2021 is light blocking, impermeable fabrics. This is perfect for creating cosy evenings in the living room and complete darkness in south-facing bedrooms.

With many fabrics to choose from, here at Fineline Upholstery, our London made to measure curtains can be completed in colours and patterns of your choosing.

From gentle dusky pinks through to on-trend mustards, whatever colours you choose, our team of curtain designers in London can create you a bespoke pair to suit whatever styling choices you go for.

Whether you wish to create them to complement existing interior design choices, or you’re aiming to style your room around your new light-blocking curtains, they will be truly unique to you and your home.



One of the final trends we’re excited to see more of in the new year is the use of linens and cottons in curtains. Dense cottons have become extremely popular due to its beautiful natural textures and heavy drapes creating depth and volume within a room.

Another natural material that we are championing in 2021 is linen, which has a softer, lighter feel but again, creates gorgeous draping that lightens up a room without losing its desirable texture.

Whatever the shape of your windows, we can create your pair of curtains so they perfectly match the size and shape, no matter what room you are working on.


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